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Hartford Institute for Religion Research
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77 Sherman Street, Hartford, CT 06105-2260
phone: (860) 509-9542, fax: (860) 509-9509
general email: hirr@hartsem.edu

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Adair T. Lummis
Faculty Associate in Research
phone: (860) 509-9542
email: alummis@hartsem.edu
Primary Focus: Women's leadership of the church, immigrant and racial-ethnic groups in religious institutions and applied research for program evaluations.
Current Projects: Judicatory Leaders, Women Clergy Studies.

Erica Dollhopf
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion and Society
phone: (860) 509-9571
email: edollhopf@hartsem.edu
Primary Focus:
Current Projects:

Allison Norton
Visiting Assistant Professor of World Christianity and Religious Studies and Louisville Postdoctoral Fellow
phone: (860) 509-9575
email: anorton@hartsem.edu
Primary Focus: Migration, Transnationalism, the "new" second generation, African Pentecostalism
Current Projects: Co-writing a book on migration, mission and the changing American religious landscape titled Migrant God, Migrant Faith IVP Academic Press

Scott L. Thumma, Director
Professor of Sociology of Religion
Director of Doctor of Ministry & Church Inventory Service
phone: (860) 509-9542
email: sthumma@hartsem.edu
Primary Focus: Megachurch dynamics, inter-denominational networks, nondenominational churches, religion on the Internet and homosexuality and religion.
Current Projects: Faith Communities Today, Megachurches Today, Nondenominational Congregations Study.

Retired but still occasionally around...

David A. Roozen
Professor of Religion and Society
phone: (860) 509-9542
email: roozen@hartsem.edu
Primary Focus: National religious trends and organizational change.
Current Projects: Faith Communities Today.


Sheryl Wiggins
Administrative Assistant
phone: (860) 509-9542
email: swiggins@hartsem.edu


*For questions regarding the Parish Profile, please contact Sheryl Wiggins at Swiggins@hartsem.edu.

*For questions regarding this website, its links, or corrections, please contact Scott Thumma at sthumma@hartsem.edu.



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